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Gisborne is the most easterly city of the New Zealand; it is so closely located to the International Date Line, that it almost touches it. Gisborne is the first city in the world to receive the dawn of the each new day. The Maori name of Gisborne is Tairawhiti; which literal means ‘the coast upon which the sun shines across the water’. Located on the eastern coast of the North Island, Gisborne is only an hour flight from the major cities of Auckland and Wellington. Gisborne is among the sunniest places of the New Zealand, with an average sun shine of 2200 hours a year.

Gisborne region is settled for over 1000 years. The city of Gisborne is on the north end of the Poverty Bay. Gisborne has a rural charm and is a popular vacation spot year round. The fertile soil of Gisborne supports sub tropical farming and vineyards.

Gisborne lies at the concourse of the three famous rivers of New Zealand; Turanganui, Taruheru and Waimata. The three rivers are flowing together and there are many small and large watercourses to cross, earning Gisborne a title of City of Bridges. There are number of great beaches across the city, there are miles of beautiful golden East Coast and crystal clear deep blue water. The genuine laid back beaches are paradise for the surfers. Gisborne beaches can be surfed all year round; the place has produced many surfing legends. Tairawhiti Museum in Gisborne has the largest collection of surfboards in New Zealand.

Gisborne is famous for the award winning wines produce in the vineyards here. The very first wines in Gisborne were made by Maoris missionaries from the local grapes. There is a great variety of wines produce in Gisborne, the wines of this region are considered to be the best in the world. It is little wonder that Gisborne vineyards are often refer as the greatest treasures of the region. Tourists to Gisborne indulge themselves in local flavor of Chardonnay wine, the popular of the region.

The fertile soil of Gisborne with excellent growing conditions makes Gisborne an ideal base for year round productions. Gisborne is one the best producers of maize, lettuce, oranges, broccoli in New Zealand. Gisborne has a big range of ethnic restaurants and takeaways. Chefs in Gisborne take pride in preparing mouthwatering, delectable food prepared from the range of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, also popular are the sea food delicacies prepared to match along the collection of wines available in the region.   

Many vacationers take the road trip of Gisborne from Auckland or Wellington. There are many sight seeing locales to see along the way. With deep rooted history and culture, Gisborne offers a range for activities and attractions to enjoy. It is however a good idea to check on travel websites on Gisborne, before planning your trip, to get the information on the places to visit and the events taking places during that time of the year.

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